• Congress & Conference

    Congress & Conference

Information and training are the goals of conventions, conferences, seminars, and work shops.
Let us organize everything from comfortable travel arangements to easy registration all the way down to finding a fitting location so that you can focus on the task at hand. Powerpoint presentations and Excel spreads don’t always have to be a part of the program – let us bring some new ideas to the table to transform your event into an experience. All eyes will be on you, and your point will be sure to stay in people’s minds.

Conferences with Alpin Convention.

Product demonstrations with live show

27,000 articles were brought on to the market last year alone. That’s almost 500 a week. Some of them complex, some of them strange, and some of them downright weird. But how many of them do you remember? We want people to remember your product. Clients, employees – everyone should experience your merchandise first-hand. For example, with a live show.
At a conference in Hamburg, attendees were throughly immersed in the ocean. Through projections, backdrops, and decorations, employees were treated to a product demonstration that gave them something to think back on. Using an allegory to show the product as a fish, they followed it from being „caught“ (covering it’s production and origin) all the way to being sold on the „fish market“ (describing how and why this was the best product on the market and which way to best sell it to clients.) Accompanied by real Hamburger fish market veterans, a fish market backdrop, a 360° panorama, and even typical ocean and fish market sounds, it examplified the much fought over market and what’s needed to stand out from the crowd. This is the kind of event that leaves all others in it’s dust.