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With incentives you achieve motivation through acknowledgement and reward. Away from everyday office life, you’ll get points for emotional experiences. You’ll inspire clients and employees alike and reward all those who’ve stuck with your buisness through thick and thin.
Whatever your goals are, from motivating your employees, to boosting moral and productivity your incentive will be valuable and therefore unforgettable!

Incentive Examples

Adventure Alpine Crossing

Abenteuer Alpenüberquerung

Cross the Alps in the tracks of the Romans! The Via Claudia August paths were built by Emperor Claudius as the first real road over Alps, reaching from the Donau hills to the Adriatic Sea. Take your clients or colleagues on an excellent adventure through the stunning scenary of the Alps, either on foot, by bicycle, or on an e-Bike. On the way from Garmisch-Partenkirch over Southern Tirol, up past the Gardasee, and then back down all the way to Venice, we’ll be traveling along this historic path. It’s not the physical exertion of crossing the Alps that’s at the center of this trip, but the extraordinary mixture of breath-taking landscapes, overlooked villages, striking towns, amazing views, and hundreds of years of history you’ll be traveling down. Of course, food, drink, and accommodations will be provided for on this multi-day trip.

Abenteuer Alpenüberquerung Alpen
Abenteuer Alpenüberquerung See