• Team Building

    Team Building

Doing more together! Team building events are all about an „us“ feeling. Cooperation, communication, creativity, and problem solving are the keys to a successful team event. Being outside of the office gives colleagues and bosses alike the chance to see a whole different side of each other. The woman from manufacturing has a hidden artistic side, the quiet man from accounting can secertly fix just about anything, and your boss absolutely loves to fetch you refreshments while you work on your project: positive experiences like these carry over into the workplace, leading to a more dynamic, more constructive, and more efficient team.

Team Building Examples

Team Event „Erfolgsbaum“


Tradition and corporate identity are throughly mixed in this team event!
Every May in Bavaria the famous Maypoles are hoisted up by towns big and small as they show off their teamwork and spirit. Everyone lends a hand and ever part becomes a piece of the whole. Use this custom as a starting point as you and your buisness construct your very own „Erfolgsbaum“ from the ground up.

Under the supervision of professional carpenters, painters, and florists, you and your team will work on every aspect of your tree. The tree is freed of branches and bark, painted in company colors, and the foundation is prepared. Meanwhile, the „Zunfttafeln“ (the small wooden signs attached to the sides of the pole) are painted, depicting company goals and achievements. Pine branches are tied into a wreath and are decorated with colorful ribbons. Even the poles used to errect the tree need to be made. All the groups come together at the end and hand-in-hand complete the tree. The celebratory raising of your Maypole is accompanied by a Bavarian brass band and the obligatory „Bandltanz“.

Your tree can certainly be used again after the event. For example, it can be donated to local kindergardens to be used in heating their buildings. The „Zunfttafeln“ can be hung in the office as reminder of your remarkable day.

Erfolgsbaum Herrichtung
Erfolgsbaum Auftsellung 2
Erfolgsbaum Standbein